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Palo Santo “Holy Wood” sticks 100 gr

What is Palo Santo: Palo Santo is translated as ‘’Holy Wood’’. It’s wood from a tree named Bursera Graveolens, which grows in South America. Palo Santo can be burned as an energy cleanser, which is a well known ritual from Incan tradition. It is said that the smoke from the wood is medicinal and brings back positive energy. You can use Palo Santo to cleanse your home or a person, clear out negative energy, attract sacredness to a space and bring positive and healing energies. It also has a really nice and calming smell to it. It’s important to be aware that Palo Santo is a native tradition that is more than centuries old. It’s burned for healing, cleansing and used in spiritual ceremonies. Palo Santo is considered sacred to many Native American/Indigenous Nations. And it’s important to treat it that way. Use it how it’s meant to, appreciate it’s value and don’t use it in overflow. How to use it: Light the stick of palo santo and let the flame burn for up to one minute. Then pray, cleanse yourself, another person or a group. And/or cleanse your house or a space. Make sure you’re not under influence (alcohol/drugs) while using Palo Santo. And try to be mindful. You can cleanse your house or a space by walking through the house or space with the Palo Santo stick and allowing the smoke to find it’s way in to the room. You can also set an intention while doing this or ask for what you would like to invite (as an example: calmness) and say what you would like to release from the house/space (as an example: stress). You can cleanse yourself, someone else or a group by moving the smoking Palo Santo stick around the person. While doing this you can pray or set an intention. Disclaimer: Don’t let the Palo Santo burn when you are not around. Keep it out of sight of children. Only use this product for its intended purpose. And be cautious that a lot of smoke can be harmful for your health.