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‘Enchanted Forest’ Dreamcatcher

The Enchanted Forest is a dreamcatcher made with a 20 cm metal triangle. Accompanied by wool, dried flowers, imitation moss and a beautiful gemstone in the center. Disclaimer: Colors may differ a bit in appearance from the actual dreamcatcher. Only use this product for its intended purpose. *Each dreamcatcher is purified with white sage before it's shipped to it's new home.* My message: My dreamcatchers and other art are, for me, a reminder of who I truly am. A free spirit, a moonchild, a mystical girl. I believe that in this society there is a stigma on being spiritual. And so I hope that my art will remind us both, that we are beautiful beings, beautiful mystical creatures. And that there is no shame in that. We are allowed to show our divine selves to the world. And I hope they remind you to step into your light and to love yourself fiercely. My name is Milan and let us inspire the world with love together.